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YourStory Club is a YourStory initiative to help new and aspiring entrepreneurs build their startups with unprecedented access to connections, community and exclusive content. YourStory Club brings together the very best of YourStory's offerings to enable the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, today.

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A YourStory initiative to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs
  • Exclusive membership-based community, connections, content 

  • Suite of bespoke offerings based on real-world insights amassed

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YourStory Education: Certificate Courses
  • Startup Course
  • Funding Course
Expert-Led Learning Courses
  • The Founder's Mindset
  • The Investor's Mindset
  • The Fine Pitch
  • Building in India for the world


YS Original Content
YS Research Reports


Mentor Access: Areas of focus
  • Product & Tech
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Corporate & Government Partnerships
  • Investment Banking & Venture Capital
  • Content & Storytelling
  • HR & Ops
Mentor Masterclasses
Mentor AMAs
Leadership AMAs


Access to curated events


Circles: Curated micro-communities

If you’ve ever looked at a really successful brand or startup and wondered, how you can do it for your own journey, the short answer is – by doing the right things – knowing the right steps to take, having the right mentors, having the right connections, and having the right resources to inform your decisions. Which is precisely what YourStory Club is all about: The right content, the right connections and the right conversations.

Expert-led Learning
Certificate Courses
Startup Deals & Partner Offers
YourStory Original Content
YourStory Research Reports
Storytelling & Digital Marketing Webinars with Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO, YourStory
Mentor-led AMAs
Leadership AMAs
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Shweta Bhatia
Partner, Head of Technology, Consumer & Financial Services, Eight Roads Ventures India
Shashank Randev
Founder VC, 100X.VC
Anup Jain
Managing Partner, Orios Venture Partner
Anirudh Singh
Managing Director, Alpha Wave
Sanjay Nath
Co-Founder, Blume Ventures
Rajiv Srivatsa
Partner, Antler
Kashyap Chanchani,
Managing Partner, The Rainmaker Group
Geeta Manjunath
Founder & CEO, Niramai
Shradha Sharma
Founder & CEO, YourStory
and more...

Partner Offers

Start building with $1,000 USD in AWS credits.

AWS Activate Founders is a free programme open to self-funded and bootstrapped startups that empowers you to innovate, build, and grow, with $1,000 USD in AWS Cloud credits, $350 USD in Developer Support credits, and best practice architectural guidance.

Get 30 days of SendX for free and 100k email sending credits free for first 100 users.

SendX is an intuitive and affordable email marketing software trusted by over 3000+ companies worldwide.

Enjoy 0% transaction fees on transactions worth Rs.100,000 every month for up to 12 months.

Paytm - Build for India is an initiative by Paytm to catalyse the startup ecosystem in India.

Join the Springworks Startup programme and and claim up to* $10,000 in product credits, services, and access resources.

Springworks helps make recruitment, onboarding and employee engagement seamless and intelligent.

Get access to all premium features for 30 days.

Sendbird is a chat API for mobile apps and websites to help drive higher engagement, more transactions, and better business outcomes.

Get free messaging and voice credits worth $30, access to the complete portfolio of services and six months of credit validity.

Kaleyra is the API-based platform to engage your clients with personalised messages, chatbots, programmable voice services, and more.

Get 25% discount on their services.

Banyan Data provides managed services for Cloud, DevOps and Data Services, they do customised technology solutions for startups to enable them to bootstrap, market fit, and scale their products globally.

Get a free AI powered Chatbot for managing HR, Sales and Marketing, Customer Support and ITSM Automation, across industries.

Yellow Messenger provides an enterprise with an AI-platform to build rich conversational experiences for customers and employees.

Get  $150 discount on Startpack's forms and maintain the LLC plan.

StartPack helps the U.S. and non-U.S. founders launch a U.S company. It is an annual subscription that helps in LLC formation, obtaining EIN, US Mailing Address, Free US Tax Consultation, US Bank Account via Partner Portal + Help Setting up US Payments and bank account, access to US payments, a free tax consultation, US tax filings, exclusive Startup Perks and Rewards, and more!

Get Rs.20,000 worth of campaign credits for the first campaign and much more.

GoNuts helps startups and businesses with celebrity endorsements for their digital marketing campaigns through personalized video messages and delivers the final video in a limited timeframe.